Friday, October 29, 2010

The Primary Subject Matter of this blog: Futanari

So, you've probably clicked your way over here, and maybe you're curious about what a place with "Dickgirl Discourse" in giant letters could possibly contribute to intellectual thought. Well, quit looking over your shoulder and read on. And I'd suggest you put your dick away, there won't be any pr0nz on here...although the subject matter revolves around a very specific facet of pornography.

Let's assume "some" people have seen pornography. Let's assume half have seen a slightly different kind, known colloquially as "hentai", a Japanese term meaning "perverted", referring to erotically drawn cartoons, usually in said Japanese idiom. The already narrow scope of this blog is narrowed further to a special kind of hentai featuring characters known as "futanari". The term literally translates to "two forms" in Japanese. To English speakers, the word usually functions as a noun, and is interchangeable with the vulgar but accurate term "dickgirl". Despite all the fast and loose possibilities an extremely open-ended description two entire forms would present, futanari characters are usually a recognizably female person, plus a dick.

Yes. Bear with me.

Some people (pervs) reading this are groaning, extremely familiar with this description already. But the reason why I'm trying to keep this blog work-safe is to draw in a new crowd instead of just preaching to the choir. For years I've been fascinated and possessed by this "fetish" (not really, a later post will cover this), even had it rule large parts of my life. While most are content to keep it within their secret porn folders, I'm not. I wanted to see some evidence of it out there in the real world, in the lives of others, hidden between the lines of culture.

I sought out the treatises of feminists, trying to infer what they might think if they met a futanari. I lurked on places where queer communities posted, wondering what each orientation thought about a kind of middle ground of the sexes. I read a bit about BDSM, thinking I might find something about futanari in its seedy scenes. I learned of the plight of transgendered and intersexed people, the trials and discrimination they go through, but also learning about their biological function at the same time, to see what the closest thing to the fantasy is really like. Despite all this sojourning for knowledge, nothing seemed to leap out and speak to me.

A few weeks ago I saw an article posted on a private forum I visit from time to time. It was written by Clarisse Thorn, whose archives I went on to read somewhat thoroughly. The article was titled "Why Do We Demonize Men Who Are Honest About Their Sexual Needs?" and it struck a bit of a chord with me. Now, I'm not a social scientist at all. I once took a class that pertained to music and anthropology, and that was my exposure to the realm of social science. I'm actually more of a math/computer science person. Very left-brained. (It probably shows by my choice of the spartan, default Blogspot template.) It does bother me a little bit that the nature of discourse seems circular, each person posting their thoughts and regarding all other opinions on equal footing. Nothing can be proven or disproven, unlike, say, Pythagoras' theorem. No offense, but it seems like a bit of a circle jerk to me. (Very ironic statement for a discourse of this subject matter.) But it's a fun circle jerk, and that's why I can't keep myself out of it.

This blog was originally intended to be started out of personal interest, but earlier this week I spent pretty much the entire day just reading blogs relating to gender studies and feminism and I felt like I had a breakthrough, suddenly realizing all I needed to know. I almost dropped the notion of putting this thing together right there, but I realized someone else might also have the same burning questions I did. I'd like to be able to share this as a resource for anyone deeply interested in futanari and its (nearly invisible) place in culture.

The primary objective of this blog is also to reach out to anyone unfamiliar with futanari, who has interests in issues like feminism and gender studies. Futanari presents an interesting synthesis of male and female, masculinity and femininity. I've always wanted to know what the academic community's take on it would be, although it would look stupid for both the person asking the question and the one answering it. I'm hoping the limited anonymity afforded by the intertubes will help some of those folks come out of the woodwork. That said, I'll have links to this blog out there in the world of futanari fans, in case someone needs to catch their breath, get their hands out of their crotch and read a little more deeply into the subject.

I have a few topics planned for this blog, and I find myself writing it in my head a lot. This isn't intended to be a continuous or regular activity for me. It will be a place to dump each essay I think of, allowing for its own tree of comments. I figured it would work better than posting them all linearly in a single topic on some not-work-safe forum in an obscure corner of the internet, creating a lot of quoting clutter in the topic. And a bunch of separate topics would just look spammy and bad for my credibility. The third potential benefit is drawing some attention from any bored internet surfers, anything but the porn community.

And for the last time, no, there isn't anything fappable here. Unless you're like me and enjoy reading between the lines too much. I'd be happy to send links if you email me, but that's probably unethical, and would make the squeamish visitors from the blogosphere leave for good.