Greetings. This blog is about futanari, a subset of pornographic cartoons colloquially known as hentai. In particular, it is about how futanari pertains to the discourse of feminism, gender studies, etc. For more information, see the first and second posts.

I'll try my best to not post not-work-safe material in the posts or in the comments; anything questionable will have a NWS label beside it. If you're under the age of 18 years and looking for smutty stuff, I'd suggest you look somewhere else because you'll only get frustrated here. Feel free to read this blog, although in theory this information should be useless to your chaste, undefiled mind.

If you need to address me, call me Thrext. I will only talk about my personal circumstances when it's relevant in a post, because I want to discourage ad hominem arguments. But I will inject personal experience into my writings when necessary. Check out my profile page on Futanari Palace, if you post there.

This blog will not continue indefinitely. I'll let you know when I've said my piece and finished everything I need to say. In the meantime, feel free to link to this blog and stuff, but I don't have a vested interest in blogging as a whole.